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2 Reasons Get Rich Quick Schemes Never Worked

Whether you are looking to make a fast buck or you want nothing more than to have a steady source of income, get rich quick schemes are generally very enticing.  However, when you take the time to delve into what is at stake, you tend to become frustrated.

In general, get rich quick schemes don’t make you rich, and if they do, it’s not that quick…sometimes it’s not even that legal… and it definitely isn’t a sure bet.

It makes you wonder why there are so many of these false promises out there, and the truth is they work… to gain attention… they might not do what they promise, but they gain the attention that they are aiming for.

So… why don’t these get rich schemes work?  Well… here is the breakdown…

They Are Schemes

It’s in the name.  Sure, this seems like a simple answer, but let’s break it down.  Get rich quick schemes are known as schemes, because they are designed to fail.  

They aren’t quick and you don’t get rich. In most cases, you have to invest a huge chunk of change and to gain the desired result, you have to take a seemingly infinite amount of vague steps to help you gain the fortune that you think you’re supposed to receive.  

So… how do you get rich, even if it isn’t quick?

They Don’t Change You

Get rich quick, get rich the easy way, get rich now, all of these schemes and scams promise that you won’t have to do much to get what you want.  And, as we know, they don’t work. Why don’t they work?  Well… they don’t change you.

This doesn’t necessarily mean you are a failure; it means that you have to redefine what failure is and the result of failure.  Once you redefine such a deep seeded word, you gain the ability to create your own results from the things that happen in your life.

Napoleon Hill lived by the standard that failure was opportunity.  It is essential to consider your failures to be doors opening to you.  Napoleon Hill VT helps you come to this conclusion then tells you how to grow rich off of the opportunity.  

Based on the bestselling book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, Napoleon Hill VT is an interactive training course that helps you gain control of your mind, set goals for yourself, implement those goals immediately, organize your thoughts and plans, and make decisions through the ability to overcome your fears.  

Napoleon Hill VT is the ultimate companion to the bestselling book Think and Grow Rich. Professional speaker and trainer, Jeffrey Gitomer guides you through each chapter, applying the lessons to the modern world, and encourages you to take the right steps toward personal development, professional success, and financial growth.  To learn more about how Napoleon Hill VT can help you get rich the right way, visit Napoleon Hill VT OR Buy Now.  

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