3 Morning Habits That Help You Think and Grow Rich Every Day

3 Morning Habits That Help You Think and Grow Rich Every Day

Once you get in the habit of these simple three habits, it’s not difficult to find the motivation needed to knock out additional accomplishments.

1. Stop Hitting That Snooze Button!

When you choose to snooze, not only does it derail all your plans for a productive morning, scientists have discovered setting your alarm for slightly earlier than you need to get up just to hit that snooze a time or two is pretty bad for your health.

Our sleep cycles last about 45 minutes each, with our bodies starting to wake up roughly a half-hour before your average wake-up time. Since an average snooze is 10-15 minutes, you’re not able to get anywhere near an entire cycle of restful sleep.

Plus, if you keep pressing snooze, your body is confused about whether you’re trying to wake up and when you’re meant to be sleeping—making it harder for you to wake up at first attempt the next day, too.

What Should You Do Instead?

Stick with a consistent schedule, setting your alarm for when you need to get up—and then actually do it. Eventually, this consistency leads to feeling naturally sleepy at the end of your day, so you feel compelled to go to bed when your body when your body needs to.

If you’re still having trouble avoiding snooze, make sure you’re not alternating bedtimes between weekdays and weekends. Coined “social jet lag,” staying up super late on the weekends messes up your circadian rhythm.

Bottom line: Just bite the bullet and get out of bed. Doing so might be painful for a single morning, but it’ll lead to better sleep in the long run.

2. Mom Was Right—Make Your Darn Bed

The simple act of making the bed just might be the world’s easiest success habit. Not because it automatically brings fortune and fame, but primarily because it starts a chain reaction of other productive habits throughout your day.

Don’t believe us?

Then listen to the legendary Naval Admiral William McRaven, who has commanded at every level within the Special Operations community including acting as head of Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) during the Osama bin Laden raid, from his University of Texas at Austin commencement speech:

According to Charles Duhigg, author of The Power of Habit, making your bed every morning is a “keystone habit,” something that kick-starts a pattern of other good behavior—including better productivity, a greater sense of well-being, and stronger skills at sticking to your goals.

Set Your Daily Goals

Speaking of, first thing in the morning your mind is a blank slate ready to be focused—making it the perfect time to set your goals for the day. Take five minutes to get gain mental clarity on what needs to be accomplished.

Have an extra five minutes? Focus a few on gratitude as well!

Beyond staying organized, answering a few writing prompts that touch on gratitude can help forward-thinking personalities focus on what you have, as well as what you’re pursuing.

Each morning:

  • List three things you are grateful for
  • List three things that would make today amazing
  • List three daily affirmations (I am…)

Even though focusing on what you currently have might sound counterintuitive, reminding yourself of what’s positive can be beneficial for lowering stress levels and adjusting your attitude throughout stressful times throughout your day.

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