How Sales People Can Benefit From Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

How Sales People Can Benefit From Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

The HG guide for any aspiring entrepreneur, Think and Grow Rich is chock full of advice that’s also solid gold for your sales team. Reading it helps any consultative salesperson to develop the chops necessary to earn trust, bring value, and make a difference.

1. It Sows the Seeds of Self-Belief

When struggling salesperson says, “I don’t want to bother Client X” you know they’re in for a long and rocky road of building relationships.

On the flip side, successful salespeople believe that they are creating value as a trusted advisor. They aren’t going to waste their clients time. In fact, they’re so good at what they do they believe that the time the client spends with them is worth paying for.

That’s a powerful identity.

The overarching theme of Napoleon Hill’s classic might be amassing personal wealth, but the path to success starts building a positive mindset.

2. It Makes a Good Case for Being Authentically Nice

Hill makes it clear there’s nothing superficial about the importance of building excellent relationships. He lists 29 attributes that, according to the business magnates interviewed, combine to create the pleasing personality required to gain the cooperation of others.

Why bother? Sales is a zero-sum game—if one person wins, the other loses. To get a leg up on the competition, you need to create a preference for your solution, your company, even your personality.

3. It Teaches the Value of Persistence

Think and Grow Rich distills how anyone can achieve their goals. But it never panders to the idea reaching the top is going to be easy.

More than a blueprint for success, Hill’s steps relish in the hard work and self-sacrifices necessary to achieve your goals, whether that’s amassing millions or landing your first major client.

If you want a single, benchmark book that will encourage any salesperson to roll up their sleeves and create a mindset needed to get better outcomes, we recommend picking up a copy today.

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