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Think and Grow Rich Course FAQ

If I sign up, for how long do I have access to Napoleon Hill VT?

The cost of $24.90 provides access for one year. The subscription auto-renews annually; however, subscribers can cancel anytime without a fee.

Can I complete chapters whenever I want or is the course released in sections?

Access is on demand. You can move throughout the course at your own speed, retake chapters, rewatch videos, or even skip ahead. There are no restrictions on user activity.

Do I need an internet connection to take the interactive video courses?

When viewing Napoleon Hill VT videos from a desktop, an internet connection is required. However, if you download our VT2GO app and access the course from your mobile device, you can download videos to watch later. The Think and Grow Rich audiobook and workbook are available for download on any device

How long are the chapter sessions?

Each session begins with 4-5 minute video—Step One. In the Step One video, Jeffrey Gitomer introduces the topics Hill touches on in the corresponding chapter.

Once complete, users then move on to the Think and Grow Rich chapter. You can listen to the audiobook file, read the digital copy provided, or both.

Once the chapter is complete, users will take a quiz on the concepts discussed in that chapter. If a passing score is achieved, users move on to a closing video in which Gitomer explores each topic in-depth, providing modern anecdotes and examples that help users relate to Hill’s writing.

If a passing score is not achieved, users are guided to reread or relisten to the corresponding chapter.

The LightSpeed VT platform also allows for interactive questions from Gitomer. At various points in the course, Gitomer will pose a question, and the options to answer will appear on the screen. Which answer users select will determine the next video presented.

Finally, our Think and Grow Rich course also includes a custom 43-page workbook with writing prompts and exercises that allow users to create actionable steps from Hill’s philosophies.

Think and Grow Rich Course companion workbook for the Napoleon Hill VT online training system

Once complete, users are prompted to go to the next chapter.

What do I get to show for completing the Think and Grow Rich course?

Aside from an in-depth understanding of Hill’s principles, users who complete the course receive a certificate endorsed by Napoleon Hill VT as shown below:

Think and Grow Rich Course certificate of achievement for the Napoleon Hill VT online training system